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Boys and men Must do the Tight Thing

In his Opinion Commentary, Glen Canning addresses the results of a recent survey from the Canadian Women’s Foundation that states “93% of Canadians say they want men to take a more active role in ending violence against women.”

Ontario’s New Psychotherapy Funding Still Doesn’t Address Some Big Issues

People who need help already languish on wait lists, and that may not change Ms. Tomasi writes of a system where those who can afford psychotherapy access services immediately while others deteriorate on waiting lists. She also cites a psychologist who says that there are “…over 4,000 registered psychotherapists in Ontario and we’re all private, our services depend on patients’ private insurance…” This statement is untrue.

Letter to Colleges Ontario

I am writing in response to the comments you recently made to The Canadian Press regarding the availability of community-based mental health service providers that colleges and universities can rely upon to support students facing mental health issues without an extended wait time.

Letter to the Editor – Province Should Fund Psychotherapy by Non-doctors

What imperils Ontarians’ access to structured psychotherapy is the lack of awareness that Family Service agencies currently provide these services from over 120 storefronts when and where people need them most—in their own communities—and that they are affordable and accessible to everyone without an appointment, diagnosis or referral.

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