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Affordable, community based mental-health care exists in Ontario for everyone. What keeps Ontarians from accessing these resources is lack of awareness of the vital services provided by 45 Family Service Ontario agencies.

With 125 safe and accessible storefront locations province wide, many of our Family Service agencies provide same day virtual and in-person quick-access clinics, and all agencies offer appointment based mental-health counselling.

We serve over 250,000 Ontarians a year who seek help with mental health, trauma, and addictions issues.

Registered therapists provide evidence-based services in over 20 languages on a sliding-scale basis; however, no one is turned away or denied services due to an inability to pay.

As well, Family Service agencies treat everyone — children, youth, adults, couples, seniors, and families — and are LGBTQ+ friendly and accessible to clients with physical disabilities.

Family Service agencies are currently providing these services when and where people need them most — in their own communities. Services are affordable and accessible without a doctor’s referral or OHIP.