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FSO Response to 2024 Budget

Urgent action is required by Ontario government to address worsening staffing crisis in Ontario’s community health sector

More to Loneliness than Being Alone

We are social beings, so it is not surprising that relationships support our health and well-being. However, this fact is often overlooked in our treatment of health, including mental health, which treats individuals and their illnesses.

When a family service agency is lost

The doors closed at Catholic Family Services of Hamilton on April 30th, after 74 years of service. This is the third family service agency in Ontario to close since the onset of the pandemic, with the others being in Thunder Bay and Northumberland. In each case, the ministry-funded programs live on through other service providers in the community. But family service agencies are more than a collection of their programs. Family service agencies play a critical role in the system of care.

Solutions are needed so no one is left behind

Family service agencies play a vital role in Ontario’s mental-health eco-system. Individuals, couples, and families come to us for a variety of reasons, but often because the services they need do not exist for those without the means to pay for a private therapist.

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