Dear Editor:

What imperils Ontarians’ access to structured psychotherapy is the lack of awareness that Family Service agencies currently provide these services from over 120 storefronts when and where people need them most—in their own communities—and that they are affordable and accessible to everyone without an appointment, diagnosis or referral.

Highly qualified psychotherapists provide evidence-based services to more than 250,000 Ontarians a year in over 20 languages on a no-fee or income-tied sliding payment scale basis. Everyone seeking help with mental health, trauma and addictions issues receives services regardless of their ability to pay.

As well, Family Service agencies treat children, youth, adults, seniors, couples and families and are LGBTQ2S friendly and accessible to those with physical disabilities.

Ontarians need to know that Family Service agencies have structured psychotherapy services in place and are helping those who need it most. Additionally, Family Service agencies have the capacity to provide services to many more people, like those currently on languishing on wait lists.

We encourage your readership to visit Members Directory to see the agencies spanning the province to support Ontarians seeking help right now.