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Our Family Service Ontario team

Acting Executive Director 
Janet Irvine

Janet Irvine recently retired as Executive Director of the Northumberland Community Counselling Centre, serving a primarily rural population with its central office located in Cobourg, ON.  She was seconded from the FSO board to assume her current position.

Janet has an extensive and varied career background in education, advocacy consultation, authorship, and business management as well as a substantial history of board and volunteer responsibilities, from Special Education Councils to Police Services Board Chair accountabilities. She has always been an avid and effective advocate for meeting the needs of children, youth, and families and a consistent and passionate promoter of positive change.

Always a proponent of optimistic realism, she envisions employing the research-informed, highly professional, relatively infrastructure-free psychotherapeutic services of FSO agencies as the most common-sense, fiscally responsible method of expansion of mental health services across Ontario.

Janet will assume her responsibilities as Chair of the FSO Board of Directors once the search process for a new Executive Director is complete and a suitable new Executive Director is appointed.

Business and Operations Coordinator
Klodia Guma B.A.

Klodia has been with Family Service Ontario since January 2009. Klodia provides a valuable support to the Board, Executive Director and other staff members and handles all administrative duties in the office.