Strong Families; Strong Ontario


Family Service Ontario Agencies Support Healthy Communities Through

  • Individual/Family Counselling
  • Partner Assault Response (PAR)
  • Credit Counselling
  • Developmental Services
  • Services for Seniors

Family Service Ontario Agencies

Help children who are traumatized, neglected, abandoned, bullied or bullying, and adults and kids dealing with grief and loss

Family Service Ontario Agencies

Help adults and kids who are in relationship breakdown

Family Service Ontario Agencies

Help people who struggle with lack of confidence, poor self image, depression

Family Service Ontario Agencies Are

  • Accessible
  • Affordable
  • Expert
  • Rich in experience
  • Highly regarded by other service providers
  • Support the community

The Family Today


Stresses on the family are increasing all the time. Unemployment, a turbulent work place, marital difficulties, financial hardship, parent-teen problems, crime, caring for seniors and a host of other growing problems make agencies that support families more important than ever.